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Review Kuching Centralised Sewerage System Master Plan Study


PROJECT Project Title:
Review of the Kuching Centralised Sewerage System Master Plan Study

Project Background:
Feasibility Study of Integrated Wastewater Management System for Kuching City was completed in 2003. The Study divided Kuching City into four sewerage zones according to the severity of pollution. Zone 1 covers the most severely polluted area of the City.

The Kuching Centralised Sewerage System Package 1, Package 2 and Package 3 cover mostly the area in Zone 1 of the Study. However, the sewerage zoning of the Study was adjusted during the implementation to suit the construction technology and site conditions.

With the implementation of the various packages of the System and the rapid city expansion since 2003, there is a need to review the 2003 Study.

The Review Study will re-evaluate the recommendations of the 2003 Study and to proposed new recommendations to reflect the current and projected development of Kuching City. The new study will also cover the fast developing areas of the City that were not included under the 2003 Study.

This Review Study shall formulate a revised master plan for centralized sewerage system that will provide the necessary framework to guide future sewerage infrastructure development of the City and the strategies for its implementation to Year 2050.
Project Cost RM 1,000,000

Consultant M/s Jurutera Minsar Consult Sdn. Bhd.

Planned Period 8 months

Commencement Date 28 May 2021

Scheduled Completion Date 27 December 2021

Progress as at 31 May 2022 Interim Report