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Centralised Wastewater Management System For Miri City


Title :

Centralised Wastewater Management System For Miri City (Phase 1)

Project Background :

Phase 1 of the project covers Central Business District of the City which is fully developed and densely populated. The works consist of 3 main components, namely:

I. Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant (Package B)
II. Sewer Network (Package A)
III. Property Connections (Package A)

I. Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant (Package B)

The Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant is designed for 100,000 PE (Population Equivalent). It is proposed to be located on a 31.5 acres site adjacent to Tudan Forest Reserve. The site has sufficient for future expansion of up to a total of 4 modules and a final capacity of 400,000 PE.

Wastewater (grey water and black water) from the kitchens, bathrooms, wash areas and toilets is collected via a sewer reticulation network. Then it is channeled to this treatment plant. The plant treats the wastewater to meet Standard A of the Environmental Quality Act requirement. The treated effluent from the plant shall be discharged into a constructed wet land before it finally flows into Miri River.

II. Sewer Network (Package A)

The Sewer Network is designed based on gravity flow system. The network comprises of the Trunk Sewer, the Secondary Sewer and the Tertiary Sewer.

The size of the Trunk Sewer and the Secondary Sewer ranges from 600 mm to 1800 mm in diameter. The pipes are of reinforced concrete or HDPE material. The Trunk Sewer and the Secondary Sewer will be mainly installed by trenchless technology using Tunnel Boring Machines. The Tertiary Sewer is generally of 225 mm to 450 mm in diameter. It will be mainly installed using the conventional open-cut method, with only a small portion using the trenchless method.

The overall length of the Sewer Network under Phase 1 is approximately 31.53 km and it consists of:

a. Total
: 31.53 km
b. Trunk Sewer : 13.08 km
c. Secondary Sewer : 3.09 km
d. Tertiary Sewer : 15.36 km

III. Property Connections (Package A)

Property Connections involve the collection and re-routing of existing wastewater (i.e. grey water and black water) into the public sewer networks. Wastewater from within the property boundaries (i.e. Residential, Shops, Institutions or Complexes) is collected via sewer within the property boundary to an Inspection Chamber. From the Inspection Chamber it will then be connected to the nearest public sewer. A pumping system may be adopted for properties for those properties with limited space or due to gradient. In such cases, electric pumps will be installed in the existing septic tanks or package sewage treatment plants. Upon completion of the property connection, the existing septic tanks or package plants will be disinfected and decommissioned.

The total number of properties to be connected under this Phase 1 is about 750 units with an estimated 40,345 PE.

Master Plan Map
Master Plan Study Miri
Miri Central Business District
MCSTP view a MCSTP view b MCSTP view c
Miri Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant
(view a)
Miri Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant
(view b)
Miri Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant
(view c)

Estimated Overall Project Cost : RM 428 million

SURVEY AND DESIGN STAGE (Planned Duration = 18 months)
No. Field of Consultancy
Consultant's Name
Date of Appointment
1. Civil & Structural Engineering (Lead)
Jurutera Minsar Consult Sdn. Bhd.
2. Land Surveyor
Ukurancang Perunding Sdn. Bhd.
3. Quantity Surveyor
PUBM Quantity Surveyor Sdn. Bhd.
4. Architectural Services
NBL Architect Sdn. Bhd.
5. Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
PKM Projek Konsultant Sdn. Bhd.

Proposed Completion Date
: 12 February 2016
Overall Progress
: 100%

SOIL INVESTIGATION STAGE (Contract Period = 8 months)
Contractor : Geospec Sdn Bhd
Commencement Date : 6 July 2015
Completion Date : 5 March 2016
Contract Sum
: RM837,835.00
Progress : 100%

TENDERING STAGE (Planned Duration = 4 months) Package A
Actual Commencement Date
: 28 July 2016
Actual Completion Date : 16 November 2016
Progress : 100%

Package B

Actual Commencement Date : 20 August 2018
Actual Completion Date : 10 October 2018
Progress : 100%

Package A (Contract Period = 48 months)
Contractor : Hock Seng Lee Berhad
Commencement Date : 30 March 2017
Scheduled Completion Date (Revised)
: 11 November 2021
Contract Sum
: RM333,073,142.76
Progress Package A
: 98.12%

Package B (Contract Period = 18 months)
Contractor : Riaplus Sdn. Bhd.
Commencement Date : 31 January 2019
Scheduled Completion Date (Revised)
: 28 October 2020
Contract Sum : RM60,353,230.20

Nominated Sub-Contractor : Weida Works Sdn. Bhd.
Commencement Date : 31 January 2019
Scheduled Completion Date (Revised)
: 28 October 2020
Contract Sum : RM17,987,000.00
Progress Package B : 100%
Completion of Package B Date
: 2 November 2020

Overall Progress (Package A & Package B) = 98.41%