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Sibu Town Wastewater Management System Master Plan Study


Project Title :
Sibu Town Wastewater Management System Master Plan Study
Project Background :

Sibu is a riverine town with a population of about 200,000 situated on the bank of Batang Rajang. The town is situated on very flat terrain. It has no centralized sewage treatment facility. The black water is treated by individual septic tanks. The grey water is discharged directly to the waterways. Due to the population increase and the flat terrain, the drains in the built-up area are now seriously polluted.

The project is to carry out a study on the wastewater management to formulate the long-term management and technical strategies to collect, transport, treat and dispose the wastewater of the city.

The study shall formulate a master plan for the wastewater management that shall provide the necessary framework guiding the future wastewater infrastructure development of the city and prioritizing the strategies for implementation.

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 Final Report - Excutive Summary  Final Report - Vol. I  Final Report - Vol. II
Project CostRM2 Million

ConsultantJurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd
Contract Period10 months

Commencement Date24 March 2008

Actual Completion Date10 March 2010

Progress  Final Report Submitted