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Posted on 01 Apr 2010

Kuching Centralised Sewerage System Package 1
Trunk Sewer Construction

The construction activities of Kuching City Centralised Sewerage System Package 1 are gaining momentum. The actual tunnelling of the Trunk Sewer commenced in September 2009. The Trunk Sewer of 7.7 kilometres shall run along Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Jalan Badruddin, Jalan Taman Budaya, Jalan Ong Kee Hui, Jalan Central Timur, Jalan Padungan, Jalan Abang Abdul Rahim and Jalan Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Muhammad Salahuddin. This work will take about 18 months.

The construction of Trunk Sewer shall involve the following steps:

Step 1 - Construction of Shaft

An 8 - metre diameter shaft shall be constructed to the required depth, between 6 to 27 metres from ground level, at an interval of between 150 to 250 metres along the Trunk Sewer route. Each shaft will take about 3 months to construct.

Step 2 - Tunneling

A Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) shall bore through the rock layer from the bottom of one shaft to the next. This process will take about 4 months for each shaft position.

Step 3 - Construction of Maintenance Access

Upon completion of the tunneling, the shaft shall be filled up, leaving a small maintenance access of 2 metre diameter for future access. This work will take about 1 month. Therefore, the time taken from initial construction of the shaft to the final completion of the maintenance access is about 9 months. This work shall be carried out simultaneously at various locations along the Trunk Sewer route.

Sewerage Services Department has designed to position most of the shafts in the open space, road verges and traffic islands. However, some shafts need to be positioned in the carriageway due to the alignment of the road and the Trunk Sewer. For the construction of those shafts affecting the carriageway, the Department shall provide diversion lanes. However, the Department still appeals to the public to avoid using the affected sections of the road especially during the peak hours. The location of the affected sections shall be announced in the local newspapers and in the Department's website before the commencement of the works at the said shaft / section / location.

For safety reasons, construction shafts shall be out-of-bound for the public. Each shaft shall have 3 layers of barriers namely:-

Barrier 1

A temporary hoarding at the outer - most to demarcate the boundary of construction area.

Barrier 2

A steel sheet pile wall driven to the underlying rock layer to ensure minimal loss of soil and water. The steel sheet pile wall also acts as an impact barrier.

Barrier 3

A reinforced concrete wall to line the shaft while the excavation of the shaft is progressing down to the required depth.

Due to the depth of the shaft which ranges from 6 to 27 metres, we appeal to the public not to enter the construction site, without the approval of the Department.

Revised April 2010