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Treatment Plant Tour

Have you ever wondered what happens to the dirty water from your shower, laundry and toilet after it goes down the pipe? We invite you to take a FREE tour of our Kuching Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant to find out how our sewerage system works!

What about the sludge inside your septic tank that has accumulated over the years? How do we deal with this accumulated sludge in the septic tank? See how it is collected and treated in our septic sludge treatment plant. Sewerage Services Department Sarawak (SSD) operates two septic sludge treatment plants; one in Sibu and another one in Miri.

Important Information

  1. SSD offers tours for professional bodies, non-governmental organisations, upper secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.
  2. The tour may take up to two (2) hours.
  3. The tour is available for groups of minimum five (5) and maximum thirty (30) persons.

Safety Information

  1. Proper attire is required for safety and comfort during the tour. Strictly NO slippers, open toe footwear, high heels, sleeveless shirt, shorts and skirts.
  2. Students from upper secondary schools and institutions of higher learning must be accompanied by their teachers/lecturers.
  3. No person below the age of fifteen (15) shall be allowed in the treatment plant.

Tour Reservation Requirement

     1.  Submit an official letter stating the following information:

  • Objective of the tour
  • Proposed time and date
  • Contact person detail
  • Names of participants

     2.  The letter must be submitted to SSD one (1) month before the proposed tour.

     3.  Our contact person for the reservation:

Name : Sarapiah Binti Wan Kadir
Phone : 082-341450 ext. 121
Fax : 082-341460