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Sibu Septic Sludge Treatment Plant


Project Title :
Sibu Septic Sludge Treatment Plant
Project Background :

All septic tanks need to be desludged regularly in order to maintain treatment efficiency. The current practice in Sibu is to desludge the septic tank when it is full or blocked. There is also no proper septic sludge treatment facility. The sludge collected from septic tanks is currently being treated at the drying beds at Jalan Quarry, Sibu.

The proposed septic sludge treatment plant is located on an 8- acre site next to existing Kemuyang Sanitary Landfill. It is 25 km from Sibu Town center and 4 km from the nearest residential area.

The plant shall receive and treat septic sludge collected from the septic tanks within Sibu town and its outskirts. The treated sludge shall be disposed on site. This will enable the regular desludging of the septic tanks and package wastewater treatment units in Sibu. This will improve the efficiency of the wastewater treatment facilities in Sibu.

This treatment plant is designed to have an ultimate capacity of 300 m3/day.

Project Components :

The proposed Plant has the following major components;

i. Operations Building
ii. Workshop
iii. SESCO Substation
iv. Process Plant
- Sludge Reception Building
- Sludge Holding Tank
- Dewatering Building
- Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) Unit
- Biofilter
v. Polishing Ponds

Picture Picture Picture
1. Sludge Reception Building 2. Oil and Grease Separator 3. Sludge Storage Tanks
Picture Picture Picture
4. Lime Dosing Unit 5. Dewatering Machine 6. Bagging Station


7. Sequence Batch Reactor Tank 8. Biofilter 9. Polishing Ponds
Project CostRM20 Million

ContractorPembinaan Kuantiti Sdn. Bhd.

ConsultantJurutera Jasa (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.

Contract Period18 months

Commencement Date2 March 2009

Revised Completion Date8 October 2010

Practical Completion Date8 October 2010