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Kuching Centralised Wastewater Management SystemKuching Centralised Wastewater Management System


Project Title :

Kuching Centralised Wastewater Management System Zone 1 Package 2 - Darul Hana

Project Background :

Package 1 of the project has been completed on 31 January 2015. It covers the Central Business District of the City which is fully developed and densely populated. The works consist of 3 main components, namely:

I. Module 1 (100,000 PE Capacity) of the Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant,
II. Trunk, Secondary and Tertiary Sewer Network, and
III. Property Connections to 67,000 PE

Package 2 of the project shall extend the coverage to Gita area and Padungan area. The works shall consist of 3 main components, namely:

I. Module 2 (100,000 PE Capacity) of the Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant,
II. Trunk, Secondary and Tertiary Sewer Network, and
III. Property Connections to 42,000 PE

This Zone 1 Package 2-Darul Hana project shall be implemented concurrently with Package 2 of the Kuching Centralised Sewerage System. The works comprises of secondary and tertiary sewer network and its connection to the existing CSTP which was commissioned under Package 1. It shall sewer about 5,630 PE from Block 1A of Darul Hana development area. The secondary sewer has the capacity to sewer another 3,070 PE from Block 4 and 4,600 PE from the future adjacent block. The ultimate capacity for the secondary sewer is 14,000 PE.

Sewer Network :

The Sewer Network is designed based on gravity flow system. Trunk sewer for Kuching City South was completed under Package 1. Trunk sewer for Kuching City North shall be constructed under Package 2. Therefore there is no trunk sewer to be constructed under this Zone 1 Package 2-Darul Hana project. The sewer network under this package shall comprise of only secondary and tertiary sewer.

The size of the secondary sewer ranges from 300 mm to 600 mm in diameter. The pipes are of reinforced concrete jacking pipes. It comprises of 779 m of 600 mm diameter pipe, 641 m of 450 mm diameter pipe and 1,710 m of 300 mm diameter pipe. These pipes will be installed by trenchless technology using Tunnel Boring Machines.

The tertiary sewer is 225mm diameter HDPE pipe totaling 3,258 m. It will be installed using the conventional open-cut method.

The overall length of the Sewer Network for this project is approximately 6,388 m. The deepest manhole is about 7.494 m below ground.

Darul Hana Block 1A Detailed Plan
Darul Hana Detailed Plan

Overall Project Cost : RM20 million

DESIGN STAGE (Planned Duration = 6 months)

: Konsortium Malaysia
Commencement Date
: 1 August 2016
Completion Date
: 28 February 2017
Progress : 100%

TENDERING STAGE (Planned Period = 3 months)
: May 2017 to July 2017
Actual : May 2017 to August 2017

CONSTRUCTION STAGE (Planned Duration = 15 months)
: Maxmas Holding Sdn Bhd
Contract Sum
: RM17,086,088.48
Actual Commencement Date : 7 September 2017
Revised Schedule Completion Date : 26 June 2019
Progress : 95%