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Sewer Plan Submission - New Application

1. Design shall be in accordance with the requirements of the latest Sarawak Urban Sewerage Systems Guidelines.
  a. Design Report shall consist of design parameters, design standards and references.
  b. The Report shall document and tabulate step by step engineering calculations as in Hydraulic Design Form. (download Hydraulic Design Form at download page)
  c. For schemes to be developed in phases, the Consultant shall submit a master plan of the proposed sewerage system for the whole scheme together with the detailed network drawings for the phase/phases to be developed.
  d. The Qualified Person shall submit their application using Sewerage Plan Submission Form. (download Sewerage Plan Submission Form at download page)
  e. Authorization of Qualified Person (download Letter of Authorization at download page).
Three (3) sets of drawings shall be submitted. The Authority shall return two (2) sets of the approved drawings to the Consultant.
3. One (1) compact disc (CD) containing the approved Sewer Plan in PDF Format shall be submitted to the Authority.